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The Party Arrives on your Doorstep: Now Available for Order!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

With each new season of entertaining, there are always silver linings even in the midst of challenging times. As many of us prepared to set our tables this spring with floral tablecloths and festive serving ware, to open our homes in warmer weather, we are finding that sometimes plans change. While things may look different than we envisioned this spring, the party will go on and the table can still be set!

How much more now than ever, enjoying life and a table together is important. One of the blessings of time at home, has been the discovery (or rediscovery) that technology allows us to not only enjoy a virtual get together with our coworkers or friends, but we also can stay connected with anyone, whether they work down the hall, live down the street, or across country for that matter.

So while A Tasteful Table looks forward to returning to your home very soon, we've made sure that you can still hostess you and your guests from the comfort of your own home. We're very excited to launch our new line of "parties in a box" so that you and your guests will receive a cheerful package in the mail, and even more exciting will be the enclosed invitation for your guests to join you for the celebration. It's all of the fun, without having to cook or clean your house first!

For this first featured box, you can enjoy an afternoon tea for you and your guests. Each box will be enclosed with a personalized invitation for your guests to join you for tea. And there will be two box options to choose from.

Included in each box:

A lovely assortment of Harney & Sons tea – English breakfast (2), Earl Gray, a glamorous “Paris” blend, Raspberry, and peppermint tea.

Shortbread tea biscuits.

A tea spoon.

Lemon curd, raspberry preserves, and marmalade.

Tea napkins.

Sugar cubes (Because tea is always sweeter with sugar cubes!)

And of course, the invitation for your guests.

The larger box comes with a little lagniappe: (a little something extra), which includes a vintage tea cup (styles will vary) and a festive fascinator.

Small Box: $25 (shipping included)

Larger Box: $45 (shipping included)

How fun is it to receive something in the mail, especially when that something opens the door for tea with friends, with enough for more than one gathering. So let us bring the entertaining to your doorstep.

For some added fun and inspiration, simply add to your Zoom background a photograph of your favorite tea spot! Mine are the Willard (D.C.) and the Windsor Court (New Orleans). And for some lovely background music, here is Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure:

Even as we return to opening our doors for a few friends or many, our entertaining of friends and family in distant places does not have to change. Zoom will always be there, tea is always seasonally appropriate, and our boxes will come to your door! Here’s to the joy that comes from reconnecting in the comfort of your own home.

If you are interested in purchasing the tea box, please email me at Tea boxes will ship within 24 hours of your order being completed for 2-day shipping. Until our technology capabilities catch up with our ideas (and hopefully soon), please email us for all orders and payment.

We look forward to working with you!

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