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Entertaining: A Budget-Friendly Menu

As the weather warms up and spring is here, it’s an ideal time for entertaining. So many times it’s easy to think that a hostessing opportunity will be too much of a drain on our resources, particularly that it has to be a costly affair. Nonsense!

For the next couple of weeks, we’ll find thrifty (and no fuss) ways to entertain without taking a hit on your monthly budget or sacrificing the loveliness of a party. We’ll take a look at keeping your next gathering at $30 or under, fun finds at some of our favorite bargain stores, and stocking what I like to call a party reserve.

For hosting eight girls for dinner on a busy work night, I went to a great Louisiana staple – it feeds the masses, is cost effective, and tasty too! Jamabalaya. Yes, a box mix can be good (I am a Louisiana native who utilizes the convenience of a Zatarain’s mix, especially on a busy work week- why not use it if it’s available?). With a salad, bread, dessert it was a quick and complete dinner party. See below for our suggested menu options:

· Zatarain’s mix family size ($4)

· Rotisserie Chicken ($4)

· Andouille Sausage ($5)

· French Bread ($2)

· Salad Mixes ($4)

· Pound Cake ($4)

· Strawberries ($3)

· Orange Sparking Water ($4)

While there are so many options for how you can entertain for $30, we’re here to hopefully inspire you with a couple of ideas. And a good time was had by all and your monthly budget won’t suffer either.

Next stop, we’ll take a look at one of our favorite stores for entertaining and some of their best items to always keep in stock for parties!

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