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Galentine's Day:

A Love-ly Occasion to Celebrate

February – you blink, and the shortest month of the year is nearly over. While we look back on this month and the hostessing opportunities it holds, we cannot overlook one such lovely opportunity:

Galentine’s Day.

I’m told this holiday has its origins as a Leslie Knope planned event in Parks and Rec. But as someone who adores the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day, I will gladly celebrate any of the spinoff holidays too.

It’s a delightful day to celebrate in the company of friends in an otherwise cold, wintry month. You don’t really need much more of an excuse than that. While each year has it’s own theme – this year the inspiration of the colors of a bubble gum pink and a tangerine orange were my guide. No reason, other than that it was a fun take on the more traditional pinks and reds for the holiday.

Pink and orange – allowed me to use this lovely pop of color in a chinoiserie inspired tablecloth, courtesy of a mom who sews. The flowers, paper flowers, and confetti added a nice accent of the contrasting pink. The wine glasses, each tied with a bow, are fun way to carry on the theme.

Menu – when it doubt, a taco bar and pink margaritas are generally a crowd pleaser. This menu accommodates so many of the different eating habits – low carb (taco salad), no gluten, (minus the tortilla), no dairy (no cheese), and vegetarian (grilled veggie tacos with rice and beans). Make sure you allow for many different toppings – variety is the spice of any taco bar. To end on a sweet note, angel food cake chocolate covered fruit make for a lovely dessert.

Favors – as always are a staple for an occasion and a fun thing to send everyone home with. Keeping in theme, the pink and orange raffia bows make these treat bags extra festive. Thanks to some J. Crew clearance sales, each favor contained:

· Pink or red shade of J. Crew nail polish;

· Lindt and Dove chocolates.

For a frigid February night, a lovely time was had by all!

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