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2019: A New Year, A New Opportunity for Entertaining

Each new year presents us with new opportunities, new adventures, new reasons for hope, and the “world is your oyster” when looking at opportunities for entertaining. As we lay out our year, whether it’s taking stock of how we live our daily life or of a more aspirational nature, like looking for a new job, we can also look at what opportunities for entertaining await us in the new year too!

So often with occasions and events, we find ourselves thinking, “well, if I’d had my act together” or time just slips up on us before we’ve had a chance to plan a menu or give enough notice for the invitations to go in the mail (email).

With each and every month presenting something new and seasonally appropriate, I invite you to look at your 2019 calendar (all 12 months) and decide what opportunities for a festive get together will you take advantage of this year?

There are dates/occasions/and holidays that we celebrate every year – for me, one of my favorites is Galentine’s Day and those birthdays of friends and family that will happen each year (even if the age magically stays the same). Then, there are those fun reasons to celebrate – an engagement, a shower, or just because. Maybe you’ve taken some French cooking classes and want a reason to show off your culinary skills, or maybe it’s because you’ve moved to a new neighborhood or joined a different book club. Let those reasons prompt you do some planning too!

My goal for this year is to take advantage of something each month – or maybe even start simpler – find a lovely reason to invite everyone into your home (or another space) just twice this year. If it’s a new muscle, let’s commit to using it.

So as you set you goals/desires/aspirations for this year, let’s see what we come up with and devote this year to some planning. For someone always perpetually late, I’m learning the joy and ease that comes with some early preparation.

Here’s what I have penciled in my calendar so far this early part of the year: (more details to come!)

· Ephiphany Party – January 6th

· Galentine’s Day – February 9th

· Game Night – for any suitable Friday night

· A Decade Inspired – 90s Dance Party – save this one for when winter becomes too much.

We’ll encourage and motivate each other. Hopefully, this will serve as a resource and help foster your own ideas and delightful plans.

Here’s to seeing what 2019 has in store!

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